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Every combat sport can trace it’s line

Dyme Boxing & Fitness is Charlotte, NC’s Premier Boxing Gym. We have trained and developed state, regional, and national champions.

A boxer, whether pro or amateur, embodies the discipline and mental strength needed to thrive in competition. At Dyme Boxing & Fitness we use this as the basis for our highly effective method: every member is trained as though they are preparing for competition. This concept is designed to bring out your inner athlete. If you have aspirations of becoming a champion boxer or simply train like one, we have a program for you. Men, women, and children starting at age 8 are invited to join our championship team.

Boxing is a sport that encourages discipline, while strengthening mental and physical development. Dyme Boxing & Fitness is a gym that fosters these values and encourages individuals of all ages to embrace the “sweet science” of boxing.

The goal of Dyme Boxing & Fitness is to provide members with the skills of a professional boxer, while focusing on the importance and benefits of fitness. Since professional and amateur boxers train at Dyme Boxing & Fitness, non-competition members have access to the same high level training . With fitness being the primary focus for most members, Dyme Boxing & Fitness is designed to offer a flexible training schedule, deliver workouts that focus on developing your strength, endurance and agility, while providing an environment that promotes healthy living.

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