NC'S Premier Boxing Gym


"Best workout in Charlotte. There is something for everyone here, kids and adults alike."

bem h.

"I have trained here since the day they opened. This is a great place. They are also opening a new location near South End."

anthony r.

"Enjoyed my first visit---great old school facility. Everyone was extremely friendly and just focused on work. I will definitely be back. Learned great boxing technique and am able to continue from where I left off. I love the aspect of a cardio warm up,strength training, and then boxing work."

nesha p.

"The best decision I've made in a long time coming here. Incredibly knowledgable and caring owners/coaches. They want you to be the best and push you to do things you never thought you could. For boxing or fitness, couldn't recommend enough."

meghan s.

"Really like this place, great atmosphere and good for teens.Took my son there for a tryout and he loves it!!"

kathy g.

"Great place to workout and the toughest workout you can find in Charlotte."

suzanne w.

"Very proud of myself!! Best workout I've ever done and I can't wait to come back! 👊🏽#dymeboxing #imgonnakickyourasssoon #dontfwithme #35isthenew25"

brianna v.

"I brought a group in for a training session while passing through Charlotte with a show. The staff was very accommodating and gave plenty of individual attention while keeping the group engaged. The coaches teach good technique and represent their local boxing community well! Thanks! I hope I come back sometime."

julie h.